Café Racer New Zealand

Café Racer New Zealand imports and restores custom-built motorcycles, the so-called café racers, predominantly from England, the country of origin of these racers, but also from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, we import beautifully restored and customised café racers. The bikes have all been built by café racer fanatics and each bike is one of a kind, and they are true ‘wannahaves’. You can be sure that you won’t go unnoticed driving around New Zealand on a Café Racer bike.

The Café Racer

The café racer is a standard bike that has been built into a sports model, to make the bike faster and lighter, everything unnecessary is stripped from the bike, which is often equipped with a one person saddle, handlebar with low handles, a smaller tank and upward-pointing (sports) exhausts. The name café racer stems from The Ace Cafe, a popular biker hangout in England in the fifties. The café racer was a well-known phenomenon in the so-called ‘Rocker’ sub-culture. The term “racer” emerge at the time because people raced a lot with these customised bikes, usually from café to café. Like in the fifties, people often customise their own Café Racers.

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